Fertility by Educational Attainment

A report by the Census Bureau titled, Fertility of Women in the United States: 2012 describes the characteristics of mothers by variables such as race, location, and age. The factor that this post will focus on is educational attainment.

One measure that the report uses is completed fertility for women aged […]

Possible Paper Topics

My first choice for a paper topic is the relationship between FDI and trade. I want to see if increases in FDI will lead to an increase in trade between the countries involved, a reduction in trade, or no change. It will be interesting to see how FDI and trade respond to each other since […]

Is US Economic Growth Over?

Is U.S. Economic Growth Over? Faltering Innovation Confronts the Six Headwinds by Robert J. Gordon questions the belief that economic growth is a never ending phenomenon. He presents a history of economic growth and demonstrates how periods of expansion are driven by industrial revolutions. He states that the first industrial revolution started around 1750 with […]