Is US Economic Growth Over?

Is U.S. Economic Growth Over? Faltering Innovation Confronts the Six Headwinds by Robert J. Gordon questions the belief that economic growth is a never ending phenomenon. He presents a history of economic growth and demonstrates how periods of expansion are driven by industrial revolutions. He states that the first industrial revolution started around 1750 with […]

Producer Price Index Overview

The Producer Price Index (PPI) is an index released monthly by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). To put it in simple words, PPI measures price changes from the perspective of the sellers, as opposed to the Consumer Price Index (CPI), which measures price changes from the purchasers’ perspective.

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Fall 2015 Schedule & Syllabus

These should now appear correctly using the tabs at the top. I initially failed to shift the menu location of this term’s syllabus so it didn’t show, WordPress issues.

Fall 2015

I will add a schedule and syllabus in late August. This iteration will incorporate many changes, but you can look at the Winter 2015 Archive for an inkling of potential topics and content.

World’s Reserves are Now Shrinking

The long-term surge in foreign-currency reserves held by central banks is beginning to come to an end. Global foreign exchange reserves declined to $11.6 trillion in March, down from a record of $12.03 trillion in August of 2014. The upward trend in reserves globally began in 2004, according to Bloomberg Business data. Some suggest that […]

Some McDonald’s Workers Not Satisfied by New Wages

The recent announcement by McDonald’s that they would increase their minimum wage for restaurant employees was initially met with celebration by many. After years of protests and demonstrations arguing for higher pay, employees seemed to have finally won the battle with the golden arches and been awarded the higher pay they had been […]

Chinese Corn Stocks Given Enormous 15% Increase

Many recent forecasts have predicted that China’s corn stocks (an important crop for feeding livestock) would be significantly decreased in the upcoming months, resulting in a greater need for corn importation, much to the benefit of leading grain export nations such as the United States. However, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization has significantly revised […]

Effect of Iran Agreement on Oil Prices

The recent tentatively agreed upon nuclear arms deal with Iran will impact oil prices in the global economy. Successful implementation of the agreement will result in the removal of current economic sanctions on Iran, and will allow the country to take advantage of its oil reserves and increase the supply available in the global market. […]

Oil and Gas Big Losers in Job Report

Continuing examination of the March jobs report, the energy sector was one of the biggest losers as oil and gas producers low oil prices resulted in a reduction of employment. Mining jobs fell by 11,000, marking a total loss of 30,000 jobs on the year after adding 41,000 jobs in 2014. These jobs have primarily […]

The Pain of Paying

“The pain of paying” is a phrase behavioral economists use to talk about the differing levels of inhibition consumers feel when they pay in different ways. In this article, they use cash as a example of being a more painful transaction than a credit card, because you can see your money evaporating before you. […]

Clash of the Titans: An Ongoing Online Debate

An online debate between Larry Summers and Ben Bernanke about the state of the global economy and how to fix the United States’ low interest rate concerns is currently ongoing.

Summers previously presented a secular stagnation hypothesis as an explanation for current trends, which argued that the three primary goals for an economy […]

Dollar Falls for Third Straight Week

The recently released March job report and documented slowdown in hiring has had an affect on the strength of the dollar. The strength of the dollar fell for the third straight week, marking the longest loss streak in almost a year. Fewer jobs were added in March than any month since December 2013, and as […]

Robots and Productivity

In this age of technology, computers have been accepted as a powerful tool for maximizing productivity in offices and other workplaces around the world. While computers have become the emblem of the Information Age and the increased role technology has had in labor productivity, robots have largely remained only an object of science fiction fascination […]

U.S. College Degrees an Expensive Investment

College tuition rates have been rapidly increasing in the United States since the 1980s. As the costs of obtaining a college education continue to rise and increasingly require many students to take out loans and graduate with substantial debt, the question of whether or not college is really worth the price tag has begun to […]

To the Victor go the Toils

A new article from The Economist covers the state of Nigeria’s economy after their recent presidential election. The country is currently facing big problems because of its heavy reliance on oil as a source of income: the government receives two-thirds of its revenues from oil and 95 percent of foreign earnings come from the […]

Wage Growth Remains Steady

Workers’ wages have picked up in March, but there is no sign of a large increase in their acceleration. Average hourly earnings in the private sector on average increased by 7 cents, to $24.86 according to the U.S. Labor Department. This was a 0.3% increase, which was up from the 0.1% rise in February. Hourly […]

Teen Unemployment

Teenage unemployment is triple the overall average, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. In February 2015, unemployment for those 16-19 was 17.1%, compared to the overall jobless rate of 5.5%. These numbers have improved from a year earlier, where the rate was 23.3% for teens, and 6.7% overall. Similarly, the age of the workforce […]

The Job Report

To follow up on Christian’s post, the job report was released early this morning and there has been an abrupt slowdown in hiring in March. There was just 126,000 jobs were added in March, compared to the larger number add over the previous year. This slow down in hiring shows that the economy has slowed […]

U.S. Consumer Confidence Improves in March

The Conference Board, a private interest group, said that its index of consumer confidence increased to 101.3 in March, up from 98.8 in February. This demonstrates that consumers are more upbeat about the economy as spring begins. Overall, this is combined with an improved short-term outlook on employment and income prospects, despite that consumers have […]