interest rate update

Econ 398 11:50-1:15
Week / Data
Week I 10-Jan-17 intro: interest rates
Interest rates 12-Jan-17 Fernald Blogging: Windle, Santana-Garces, Oberkircher
Week II 17-Jan-17 Production Models: TFP Blogging: Lance, Ghimire, Ellinger
Brainstorming 19-Jan-17 Production Models: TFP your first proposal due
Week III 24-Jan-17 Solow and the LR: TFP and Gordon Blogging: Edmonds, Dawejko, Cohen
CPI 26-Jan-17
Week IV 31-Jan-17 Technology Models discuss Griliches
Nathan Rosenberg on Science vs Invention vs Innovation [my version]
Construction 2-Feb-17 class cancelled Blogging: Windle, Sanatana-Garces, Oberkircher
Week V 7-Feb-17 NO CLASS in Detroit
CES/CPS 9-Feb-17 extended proposal due
Discuss: Teece, David J. 1977. “Technology Transfer by Multinational Firms: The Resource Cost of Transferring Technological Know-How.” Economic Journal 87(June): 242–61.
Do a one page memo: what does this paper say about the nature of technology?
Blogging: Lance, Ghimire, Ellinger
Week VI 14-Feb-17
Levin, Richard C. et al. 1987. “Appropriating the Returns from Industrial Research and Development.” Brookings Papers on Economic Activity 1987(3): 783–831.
Home Prices 16-Feb-17 Blogging: Edmonds, Dawejko, Cohen
21-Feb-17 Midterm Break
23-Feb-17 Midterm Break
Week VII 28-Feb-17
Bloom, David E., and J. W. Lorsch. 2016. Demographic Influences on U.S. Economic Prospects. Program on the Global Demography of Aging. PGDA Working Paper No. 122.
Blogging: Windle, Santana-Garces, Oberkircher
GDP 2-Mar-17
Westelius, N. J., & Liu, Y. (n.d.). The Impact of Demographics on Productivity and Inflation in Japan. IMF Working Paper No. 16/237.
Week VIII 7-Mar-17 Blogging: Lance, Ghimire, Ellinger
Trade 9-Mar-17
Week IX 14-Mar-17
Productivity 16-Mar-17 Science Society & the Arts Blogging: Edmonds, Dawejko, Cohen
Week X 21-Mar-17 Blogging: Windle, Santana-Garces, Oberkircher
Subject: your project
State-level data 23-Mar-17
Week XI 28-Mar-17 Blogging: Lance, Ghimire, Ellinger
Subject: your project
Home Sales 30-Mar-17
Week XII 4-Apr-17
11-Apr-17 Final Exams
13-Apr-17 Final Exams Blogging: Edmonds, Dawejko, Cohen
Subject: your project