Rising Cost of Healthcare in Retirement

As I stated in my comment in the previous blog post, I was surprised that healthcare was not among the top two expenditures on the table. This is probably because I have heard so much about how rising healthcare costs, especially when it comes to pharmaceuticals in the United States, has been hurting people’s retirement […]

Mortgage Performance

Courtesy of the graphs to Prof. Smitka who made them in excel using data from CoreLogic – thank you (Apologies if they’re blurry – I couldn’t make them any better than this as they are pictures)

The data for mortgage performance can be found at http://www.corelogic.com/ for anyone who wants the specifics of numbers. You […]

Long-run CPI trend

Long-run CPI trend

Figure 1: CPI for all items and all items less food and energy

This graph shows the long-run CPI trends since the 1950’s. Specifically, after 1955, when the reorientation of the economy following WWII was complete. There seems to be a steadily rising trend throughout the years as observed in the […]