Update on the economy

I do a weekly radio segment on the economy on WREL, the local radio station. Here are my notes from the Aug 20th show. These are not necessarily the order in which I presented them, and I avoid numbers when I can – radio is not the medium for conveying data – but I like […]

Greek Financial Crisis

The financial ministers of 19 EU nations agreed to keep the EU bailout funds flowing to Greece. Bloomberg reports that the government in Athens may run out of cash as early as next month. Yesterday, Germany rejected a Greek proposal for a six-month extension of loan agreement, arguing it was “not a substantial solution”. Along […]

The devil in the unemployment details

Two charts. One is the number of employed, compared to where employment should be absent the Great Recession. I’ve not tried to correct this for the pending retirement of the Baby Boomers, but the bottom line (or rather the gap) is unfortunately all too robust. The second eliminates those who are employed but […]