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2013 Schedule

Economics 398 Winter 2013 Schedule

Week I

Mon, Jan 7

Summers: Great Moderation

Wed, Jan 9

Krugman: How did economists get it so wrong

Fri, Jan 11

Krugman (continued): Beauty vs Truth, Fresh vs Salt
Cogan et al multiplier WEO (Blanchard) multiplier

Week II

Mon, Jan 14

Solow growth model

Wed, Jan 16

Solow extension growth accounting

Fri, Jan 18

Solow extension 2 growth accounting

Week III

Mon, Jan 21

Gordon: Gordon faltering growth [pdf]

Wed, Jan 23

Demographics: Guinnane historical fertility transition [pdf]; Dividend: Lee & Mason [sakai]

Fri, Jan 25

no class (Board Meeting in NYC)

Week IV

Mon, Jan 28

Data: macro regressions

Wed, Jan 30

Stationarity & VARs: Smitka Macroeconometrics Primer and other readings

Fri, Feb 1

project topic presentations

Week V

Mon, Feb 4

Multiplier Gordon Krenn multipliers

Wed, Feb 6

Multiplier JEL fiscal policy Ramey

Fri, Feb 8

Multiplier IMF Multiplier Corsetti et al

Week VI

Mon, Feb 11

Overlapping Generations pay-go

Wed, Feb 13

Samuelson and a modern version

Fri, Feb 15

Social Security pay-go today

Spring Break Mon Feb 18th – Fri Feb 22nd

Week VII

Mon, Feb 25

Debt and Deficits IMF WEO

Wed, Feb 27

Japanese debt Broda & Weinstein

IMF Article IV, Section VII: Fiscal Challenges Facing the U.S. State and Local Governments (pp 59-67) and Section VIII: Budget Institutions for Federal Fiscal Consolidation (pp 68-76)

Fri, Mar 1

US debt Fair paper


Mon, Mar 4

Friedman expectations & MP

Wed, Mar 6

Rational expectations Smitka handout

Fri, Mar 8

Science, Society and the Arts

Week IX

Mon, Mar 11

Fujiwara et al DSGE Round I

Wed, Mar 13

Fair & Villaverde empirical macro models

Fri, Mar 15

Snow – no class (well, 2 people in class).

Week X

Mon, Mar 18

Fehr et al. Is China Taking Us to Lunch? DSGE model

See Sakai for three sets of formal comments on the paper.

Wed, Mar 20

Fehr continued … or Is China Eating our Dinner?

Fri, Mar 22

NO CLASS at Business History Conference in Columbus

was Kitchen Chinn US sustainability

Week XI

Mon, Mar 25

Discussion of Term Projects

Draft due at 5 pm (in place of Fehr paper)

Wed, Mar 27

Kitchen Chinn US sustainability

moved from Fri 22 Mar

Fri, Mar 29

Vroey modern macro history

moved from earlier / replacing Mankiw

Week XII

Mon, Apr 1

Paper Presentations

Wed, Apr 3

Paper Presentations

Fri, Apr 5

US economy and macroeconomics

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