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2015 (Winter) Schedule

… to be modified as the term progresses, speakers & readings & due dates for Capstone pieces …

Growth vs G from Krugman

Economics 398 Winter 2015 Schedule

MWF 9:05 am – 10:00 am

Huntley 220

Week I


Mon 12 Jan

Course Introduction

Macro News: CES and CPS (Jan 9 release)

Wed 14 Jan

Why Economic Controversies?

Read Krugman “Why?

Fri 16 Jan

Drop-Add Ends

Brainstorming: EconLit, Blogs, small_RePEc

Today’s Economy: CPI (8:30 am release): Data at BLS

Week II


Mon 19 Jan


Growth Models

Solow seminal 1956 theory paper

Wed 21 Jan

Solow continued

Solow 1957 empirical paper

Fri 23 Jan

Mandatory Office Hours

sign up in advance

Week III

Growth II

Mon 26 Jan

Mandatory Office Hours

sign up in advance

Wed 28 Jan

Is Growth Over?

Gordon Is Growth Over?

Fri 30 Jan

Solow Spreadsheet

Excel simulation

Macro News: GDP 2014 IV “Flash” release

Week IV

OLG Issues

Mon 2 Feb

Endogenizing Variables: Consumption

Lifecycle readings

Wed 4 Feb

Social Security and Overlapping Generations

Focus on Orszag & Stiglitz, glance at the others as time permits

CBO overview, Ten Myths (Brown Hassett Smetters), Ten Myths (Orszag Stiglitz, pp 36f), and Wikipedia

I will work through one formal model in class.

Fri Feb 6

Debt & Deficits: Simple Analytics

CBO US fiscal projections

misc on Reinhardt & Rogoff controversy

Week V

RE Models

Mon 9 Feb

Rational Expectations I: Friedman

Friedman readings: AEA Presidential Address and Nobel Prize Address

Wed 11 Feb

Rational Expectations II: Monetary Neutrality

Smitka Rational Expectations Model

Macro News: Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey

Fri 13 Feb

topic presentations

Week VI


Mon 16 Feb

Topic Presentations

sign up in advance

Wed 18 Feb


The ARRA & the Multiplier: Cogan et al (pdf) vs CEA (pdf)


short notes by Brad deLong and Robert Barro

Macro News: PPI release 8:30 am; homework assignment in lieu of class TBA

Fri 20 Feb

Formal Tests: Wars

Gordon and Krenn on WWII

Midterm Break Saturday 21 Feb – Sunday 1 Mar

Week VII

Mon 2 Mar


Smitka Macroeconometrics Primer v2

Wed 4 Mar

Macroeconometrics: Continued

Smitka handout (cont.)

Fri 6 Mar

Application: VARs and Multipliers

Discuss Corsetti 2012


Mon 9 Mar


sign up in advance

Wed 11 Mar


sign up in advance

Fri 13 Mar

Science Society & the Arts

classes cancelled

Week IX

Mon 16 Mar

Monetary Policy: Prof Taylor Rules?

further model building blocks

Wed 18 Mar

DSGE I: A Base Model

Lisenkova et al. (2012). The Impact of Population Ageing on the Labour Market… University of Strathclyde Discussion Papers in Economics No. 12-13.

Fri 20 Mar


further models

Week X

Mon 23 Mar

Macro History I

Fair macro models & Villaverde review of Fair

Wed 25 Mar

Macro History II

The Great Moderation

Fri 27 Mar

Macro History III

de Vroey, de Vroey & Malgrange

Week XI

Wednesday Class

Mon 30 Mar

Globalization Essay

written in class

Wed 1 April

Term Paper Presentations

Mary Beth Benjamin
Katherine Klinedinst
Porter Grieve
Andrew Winter

Fri 3 Apr

Term Paper Presentations

Maddy Maguire
Matthew Moore
Christian von Hassel

Week XII

Mon 6 Apr

Term Paper Presentations

HeeJu Jang
Stephen Moore
Mark Sanders
Keifer Winn

Wed 8 Apr

Griffin Cook
Liz DePlautt
Oliver Liu

Fri 10 Apr

Course Summary: IMF Blanchard et al.

2013: IMF: Rethinking Macro Policy II

Final Exams [?? none for Econ 398 ??]