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2012 Schedule

Week I Thu 6-Sep Introduction: Retirement related assignments for Tues: Samuelson, research groups
Tue 11-Sep OLG assignment for Thu: Solow
Thu 13-Sep Growth assignment for Tue: TFP studies, impact ITS
==> topic proposal(s) due
Week II Tue 18-Sep TFP for Thu: demography readings
Thu 20-Sep Detour to real world: demography for Tue: potential GDP reading [one, short!]
Week III Tue 25-Sep Application: potential GDP read for Thu: Econ 203 text time series chapters
Thu 27-Sep Detour to real world: macroeconometrics position paper assignment on “the” multiplier
Week IV Tue 2-Oct Review of Econ 211 readings: multiperiod examples
Thu 4-Oct RE for Tue: how economists conquer time
==> initial literature survey due
Week V Tue 9-Oct NPV – maybe (possible guest speaker) for Tue: picking apart a DSGE model
Thu 11-Oct no class Reading days
Week VI Tue 16-Oct Debate (I) Salt Water vs Fresh Water
Thu 18-Oct Debate (II) History of Macroeconomics
===> initial survey of analytic approaches due
Week VII Tue 23-Oct Debate (III) New vs Old Empirical Models
Wed 26-Oct MIDTERM due Thurs Discuss the pieces of a modern macro model
Thu 25-Oct “The” multiplier, 2nd iteration Re-read Taylor etc as posted to Sakai
Week VIII Tue 30-Oct Fresh vs Salt Claims of the Great Moderation
Thu 1-Nov State of Macro (II) More debates
==> initial survey of data issues due
Week IX Tue 6-Nov MP (I) Bernanke on MP
Thu 8-Nov MP (II) readings on MP: Meltzer
Week X Mon 12-Nov Alan Meltzer, H Parker Willis lecture 5:30 pm in Stackhouse
Tue 13-Nov Debt and Deficits basic stabilization model; Japan readings:
[link==>] IMF Article IV Report pp 9-15
[link==>]Broda & Weinstein paper
Thu 15-Nov digression: this year’s Nobel readings: the Nobel prizes
Thanksgiving Break
Week XI Tue 27-Nov Japan retirement paper
Wed 28-Nov full paper due
Thu 29-Nov presentations (I) your papers
Week XII Tue 4-Dec (a) 11:50-12:30 presentations (II)
(b) 12:30-1:15 Nobel Prize lecture + lunch @ Hillel
your papers
Thu 6-Dec presentations (III) your papers
No Final Exam

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