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Online How-tos

W&L resources include the Leyburn Library, Information Technology Services and the Help Desk. I’ve not put a link to the latter; it’s designed for helping you with concrete problems not for giving you a broader how-to.

  • In Leyburn you will find 80 online books – yes, eighty – that provide “how to” help. Annie with keyword “WordPress”
  • See the W&L Information Technology Services site on WordPress which is very basic
  • ITS also has instructions on how to set up an independent web site for yourself here, but you’d have to do all the coding and setup – unless you’ve a reason to do so, just use WordPress

For HTML code, there are of course a multitude of online sources. I’ve used the following three:

  • HTML Code Tutorial
  • which I find very helpful though some of the portions refer to practices now obsolete. Most make that clear with a “don’t use this” label.

  • HTML Dog
  • has a more detailed explanation of many pieces of code, but is less helpful if you don’t know anything to start with

  • Color Codes
  • gives you a color chart (duh) for getting codes to match colors you like, since html browsers only recognize a handful of color names.

  • www3 schools is fairly comprehensive, organized as an online course. I’ve not used it much … yet.
  • If you Google you’ll find numerous other sites. Likely one will be superior to the above, but after a point the costs of additional search mean that it’s sensible to look further.

Finally, there are a plethora of “blogging tips” online, too many for me to sort through. No recommendations, I’ve not used them, but please let me know if you have ones you find helpful! In the end, the best way to learn to blog is to blog!

Addendum: Here is a list of reflections on blogging.

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