Update on the economy

I do a weekly radio segment on the economy on WREL, the local radio station. Here are my notes from the Aug 20th show. These are not necessarily the order in which I presented them, and I avoid numbers when I can – radio is not the medium for conveying data – but I like […]

NAIRU: Do we really know the full employment level?

Paul Krugman is one of my favorite economists. He has a natural talent to make his brilliant insights in economics understandable for just about anyone. This morning, Krugman posted a short article on New York Times’ Opinion Page about his take on the currently falling unemployment rate which I know many of you have […]

Is the “Bernanke Put” about to expire?

Chairman Bernanke delivered a speech on November 20th to the Economic Club of New York. The speech is titled “The Economic Recovery and Economic Policy” and a full transcript can be found here: http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/11/20/idUSW1E8KA00A20121120. I will summarize Charman Bernanke’s main points and analyze and critique a few of his comments. His speech focused on […]