Update on the economy

I do a weekly radio segment on the economy on WREL, the local radio station. Here are my notes from the Aug 20th show. These are not necessarily the order in which I presented them, and I avoid numbers when I can – radio is not the medium for conveying data – but I like […]

What to target?

It’s unclear whether the Allan Meltzer’s H Parker Willis lecture on Monday afternoon (5-6 pm in Stackhouse Theater) will focus on monetary issues. (Remember that the legislation setting up the Federal Reserve System was drafted in Huntley 220 by then-Dean Willis…) […]

Inflation? What inflation?

What are the inflation expectations of people who move serious amounts of money, The Fed today reported the yields of inflation-indexed bonds. The trend in the 30 year bond [due 2029] is similar, but at a current yield of 0%. And the 10-year bond below? – negative!! No sign of inflation expectations.