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But Romney Can’t Work with Congress!

…Romney’s plan is “work with Congress”…
Obama did not go for the jugular; he’s not a street fighter. He did not try to get Romney to name a single one of the loopholes he would close — there are lots, but the big ones are capital gains, home mortgages and charitable contributions. Without closing those, he can’t deliver on his tax cut.
Oh, and if the loopholes are closed, in my case the reduction in the tax rate wouldn’t be enough to offset the loss of the mortgage deduction, because I’m stuck with a house I can’t sell plus the one I live in. So Romney is in fact promising to increase my taxes, and I’m middle class, as a professor I don’t make it into the top 10%.
But the most disturbing component is something about which I’ve not seen a single comment. The core of Romney’s plan, er, argument is “we’ll work it out with Congress.” I’m afraid that won’t prove possible. The Tea Party adherents in Congress will prove no more flexible with Romney than with Obama. Indeed, the choice of Ryan will embolden them to dig in their heels. So I think the reality would be that Romney would not gain unity among Republicans on any of the crucial issues (other than repealing RomneyCare). Meanwhile, he will alienate the Democrats.
Now to the puzzlement of many, since he had a majority, Obama tried to sit down and work with Congress during his first two years. The result was many compromises but few votes in return — and since the midterm elections, none. Working with Congress? — we’ve been there and done that, and it didn’t work.
The bottom line is that with both the Tea Party and the Democrats against him, Romeny will find it harder to work with Congress than President Obama, not easier. To put it bluntly, Romney will find it impossible. So what is his real plan, to dither for 4 years?
…with both the Tea Party and the Democrats against him [Romney’s plan is] impossible…
…mike smitka…