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Obamacare’s amazing comeback


Do you all remember the website that President Obama made for Obamacare? Theses exchange websites did not work and only 6 people signed up in the beginning. Now, it has been 6 months, and the website/Obamacare seems to be making progress.

According to CNNMoney, more than 5 million Americans chose policies on the state and federal exchanges, with the final push coming before open enrollment closes March 31, during these six months. Sign-ups are reaching CBO’s projection of 6 million. This is pretty impressive. However, this is only 21% of the total potential enrollment. There are about 22.5 million Americans who are uninsured or had bought coverage on the individual market before who have not signed up yet.


Also, the number of enrollment differs by states/locations. CA (26%), RI (27%), CT (26%), VT (54%), and ID (21%) are doing much better than ND (6.8%), SD (5.7%), IA (5.9%), and OK (7%). These leading states had their own exchanges, meaning more supportive of Obamacare, and spend additional money into getting people to sign up.
The sign up for Obamacare will not end on March 31. It will begin again on November 15 for 2015. President Obama hopes that this program continues after 2015.



  1. kuveke kuveke

    The increased signups are very encouraging and should continue to increase into 2015. A major worry of the signups is that rates of enrollment vary greatly for different ethnic groups. The hispanic cohort in particular has seen very low levels of enrollment and steps should be taken to reach out to specific demographics.

    • gjeong gjeong

      yeah– the big problem is what to do with undocumented immigrants. Will Obama offer healthcare to them?

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