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Paper Topics

My idea is to look at the studies of the Great Depression in the 1930s and the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis in 2008 since the decades before both events are similar (both with an increase in liquidity, low inflation rate, etc.). Nordic countries happened to outperformed most other Western countries during the 1930s, I want to investigate the reasons behind it, and try to see if these countries performed differently in 2008. I could also look into the Nordic crisis in 1980s instead of the financial crisis and compare the labor policy to identify the key reason why the Nordic crisis happened.

Related Studies:
Mayes, “Did Recent Experience of a Financial Crisis Help in Coping with the Current Financial Turmoil?”
Peicuti, “The Great Depression and the Great Recession.”
Grytten, “Why Was the Great Depression Not So Great in the Nordic Countries?”

As an alternative choice, I could look into the relationship between export diversification and monetary policies. To be more specific, how do Brazil and Finland (or China) differ in monetary policies in a specific era and how does that contribute to the export diversification and economic performance?

Related Studies:
Whalley and Medianu, “The Deepening China-Brazil Economic Relationship.”
Jawadi, Mallick, and Sousa, “Nonlinear Monetary Policy Reaction Functions in Large Emerging Economies.”
Naude and Rossouw, “Export Diversification and Economic Performance.”