Trump (controversial) :)

Okay, so this post may be a little political. It is obvious that there is a strong bias against Trump in class, so some may be happy about this point I’m about to make.


I’ve been a day 1 Donald Trump supporter. I read “Art of the Deal” about five years ago and consider […]

Housing Prices in America

Real estate usually makes up 15%-18% of America’s GDP. This number is broken down into 3%-5% from “Residential Investment” and 12%-13% from “Consumption Spending on Housing Services”. There is no doubt that this industry is an integral part of our economy, which is why it can be used as an indicator for the economy as […]

Housing Starts in America

Housing starts have historically indicated a strong real estate market, which indicates a strong economy. As you see from the FRED graph, the 2008 crash brought the US to almost 1/6th of the US’s peak in housing starts. We are still recovering in 2017, but gradually. January 2017 housing starts exceeded forecasts, and analysts […]