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Author: poetzsch

Upcoming Events in Greece

It is possible, that the Euro-zone begins to unravel in the next few weeks and months, starting with Greece. Yesterday, despite riots outside the Greek Parliament, Greece lawmakers passed an austerity bill which will further decrease salaries and pensions, raise the retirement age, and increase taxes. Greece needed to pass the bill in order to receive the next round of bailout loans. Greece politicians have said that Greece will go bankrupt on November 16th without the next round of bailout funds. In addition, Greece will need to pass a  budget vote for 2013 on Sunday. The budget will layout the basis for which the country’s creditors will make a decision whether or not Greece deserves the next round of bailouts.

Trying to Gauge the Potential Economic Impact of Sandy

I know this is a serious and sensitive topic to some people so I don’t mean to suggest that the hurricane is a good thing, because it is obviously not. My parents are located a good 50 feet north of the mandatory evacuation line on Long Island and there will likely be some flooding damage to my house. I only mean to think about some of the positives it may bring rather than focus only on the bad…