National Debt, Interest Rates, and Discretionary Spending

I hope everyone is making it through finals. This is a topic we discussed recently and Professor Smitka made a lot of interesting points with regards to the relationship between these two variables. I would like to tie my thoughts on this subject in with the federal budget discussions from earlier blogs. Our current […]

Social Security

In 2015, 65.1 million people received benefits from the Social Security Administration and this number is constantly increasing. As we’ve talked about in class, the current demographic challenges facing our nation are daunting. It is a fact that a dwindling workforce must continue to produce in order to provide income for the expanding dependent population. […]

Construction per Capita and Construction as a Percentage of GDP

A multitude of useful construction data was released last week. In addition to overall construction spending, public construction spending, and total housing starts, it is perhaps equally as telling to examine construction per capita, and construction as a percentage of GDP. These metrics are necessary to assess real estate development within a slightly more realistic […]